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My name is Barrie J. Ritter. My training is in empirical psychology, with Ph.Ds. in both Sociology and Anthropology, from United States International University, San Diego, 1988. Recently, I published 64 articles as the National Crime and Justice Examiner, for, an online newspaper with a public audience. I began in 1975 to conduct interdisciplinary research on what is now a criminological topic: serial murder (though this term did not enter common parlance until around 1984.)

I originally gravitated toward this subject out of an interest in the Holocaust, which captured my attention while I was getting my MA in Psychology at the New school for Social Research, in New York. - more
Multiple Murderers: The Characteristics of the Persons and the Nature of their Crimes (529 p)
This is the complete study. I covered some
of its findings in sixty articles I wrote as a
Crime and Justice reporter for The Examiner.
The History of Cruel Ideas

A timeline of murder, violence and cruelty,
from the 1400's to the present.
The Letter
'heard round the world'
(under construction)
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