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Barrie J. Ritter, Ph.D.

Criminal Justice

More guns, fewer mass shootings?
Bulging Prisons, Petty Offenses
Why more Police Patrols won't Help

Serial Murders' Life Histories

Part 1. Birth through Early Childhood
Part 2. School, Social Life, and Role Models
Part 3. Aspirations and Occupations
Part 4. Medical and Psychiatric History

Serial Murderers' Personalities

Part 5. Psychopathy and Dominance
Part 6. Dissimulation and Egocentrism
Part 7. Egoism, Ambition and Grandiosity
Part 8. Superman Philosophy and ordinary Greed
Part 9. Their eyes change color: Bundy and Collins

The Crimes of Serial Killers

Part 10. An Introduction to issues of Patterns
Part 11. Link between Murderers and Victims
Part 12. Motives
Part 13. Motives, continued
Part 14. Are there Victim Types?
Part 15. How they Obtain their Victims
Part 16. How they Obtain their Victims, cont.
Part 17. Assumptions about Modus Operandi
Part 18. Methods of Operation
Part 19. The Investigation
Part 20. The Investigation, cont.
Part 21. What Serial Killers Know
Part 22. How they Trigger Recognition
Part 23. US Police Clearance Rates
Part 24. The Increase in Unsolved Murders
Part 25. The Problem is Worse than you Think
Part 26. Final Disposition
Part 27. Psychiatry's Role and Insanity Defense

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